How Would You Like To Get 10, 20, Even 40+ Extra Clients Every Single Month?

(WITHOUT Relying On Referrals, Word Of Mouth Or Spending A Ton Of Money On Ads?

...If you are still calling clients and using Set and Forget Marketing your going to be left behind!

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You Are A Salon or Barbershop Owner Who Is Almost BUT Not Quite Satisfied With Your Daily or Weekly Client Numbers?

You know you have a fantastic Service offering, and clients are buying, but how do you scale and grow with predictability?

The Solution..?


How does it work?

...That's the easy part

STEP ONE: An Icebreaker Message Is Sent

  • ​Booked Out Fox will identify clients who don't have a future booking and send a personalised text messages (from you). 
  • ​We call these messages icebreakers.
  • ​2 Icebreaker messages are sent based on the client journey and booking cycle.
  • They nurture your clients by starting a conversation which leads them to booking in at their perfect time via a link in the text message or respond from the easy to use dashboard at a click of a button.

STEP TWO: A Follow-up message Is Sent

  • ​If the client does not respond or book to the 'icebreaker message' Booked Out Fox will send a 'Follow-up' message to book with your Booking URL link.

STEP THREE: Easy To Use Dashboard

  • Respond directly to client messages from the Booked Out Fox Dashboard.
  • ​When you respond to a client's message. in the dashboard Booked Out Fox will know and back off and not send anymore unnecessary text messages
  • Clients can opt - out easily if they don't ant to receive messages
  • ​​Monthly reports with a break down of results and client detailed data

Now I Know What Your Thinking...?

"What Makes This Any Different To Calling, Texting or Using set 
And Forget Marketing?"


✅ Is cheaper than Set And Forget Marketing because you only pay a fixed monthly fee which includes your text costs. Any extra marketing you do in Set and Forget Marketing is Extra and much more expensive. I challenge you to check your SMS bill Now! 

✅ Booked Out Fox does not bombard clients with unnecessary messages because it learns your client's frequency using 'AI' Sending a message at the right time is key to its success.

✅ Saves you time! No setup. No more thinking or running reports when to send reminder messages. Or gaps in your book.

✅ Booked Out Fox is fully automated and works 24/7

✅ Booked Out Fox responds for you also when a client replies. Yep! That’s right! It’s that clever. (With Set and forget marketing you will need to respond to each individual message which could take hours.)

✅ A booking link in the message makes it easy for the client to book immediately

✅ Plugs straight into your booking software at the click of a button and gets to work immediately!

Connects to all Major booking software

and many more

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Booked Out Fox Is A Clever Web App That Links To Your Booking Software And Learns About Your Clients Booking Cycle

Yes, Booked Out Fox was created so that Salon, Spa & Barbershop Owners like you, who lack time, can easily communicate to their clients who have not booked in a future appointment that are due, to grow your business! 
 Let me show you it works:  

  • Links directly to your existing booking software 
  • ​Finds clients who are overdue for a booking and starts an automated conversation via text message
  • ​Then hands the conversation to you via our easy to use dashboard at a click of a button OR the client can book directly from the text message sent as it will have a direct booking link they can click to your online booking.
Booked Out Fox Gives You The Tools You Need To Get Clients, Increase Client Retention & Profit In One Clever Web App.!

Yes, Booked Out Fox Gives You The Tools You Need To Increase Client Retention And profit, And Deliver A Personalised Unique Touch To Your Business.

  • Links easily to your booking software and gets to work immediately
  • ​Attract more clients and bookings (Without being pushy or salesy to book)
  • ​More clients month on month = More profit
  • ​Increases client frequency

Interview with Stevie English Hair

Try Booked Out Fox For Free:

No Contracts. No Set Up Fee. Cancel Anytime.
  • Links directly to your existing booking software 
  • ​Finds clients who are overdue for a booking and starts an automated conversation via text message
  • ​Then hands the conversation to you via our easy to use dashboard at a click of a button or they can book directly from the text message sent.
  • ​WITHOUT working lobger hours or hiring more staff

Booked Out Fox Gives You THE TOOLS You Need To Get Clients, Increase Client Retention & Profit In One Clever Web App.!

See Why Business Owners Just Like You Are

Joining  Booked Out Fox?

Annette, Director
The Do Salon

"I love Booked Out Fox because it saves me a lot of time. It is also good for team 1 on 1's and team building."

"It brings back a lot of old clients who have moved away"
Luke Tribe Lifestyle Salon
Jane, Director
Blondes to Brunettes

"My business has grown by 25% and my team has saved approximately 5 hours per week using this strategy"

"It has achieved a lot in a short time"
Frankie & Rhiannon
Adilla Colab & Barbers 

"We look forward to the results reports because we know it always brings good news."

"Our retention is improving every month and we know Booked Out Fox is the key contributor"
Who is it for?
  • ​For existing Salon, Spa, Barbershops or any business that relies on repeat business and already uses a booking software to record appointments. 
  • ​You are a business owner who want to scale your business and increase client retention by leveraging simplicity and a simple system instead of lots of humans and time you don't have.
  • ​The fact is, after analysing over 100k booking made across Australia, the number 1# reason why businesses fail was client retention. 
  • ​You need to maintain a 65% minimum client retention rate to grow and scale your business.

What Makes Booked Out Fox So Different To My Booking Software Marketing?

  • ​Booked Out Fox has an AI (artificial intelligence) it learns your clients booking cycle and business sending the client the right icebreaker message at the right time which is key for it's incredible success. It's not a bulk text.
  • ​For example, if you have a client who books twice a year Booked Out Fox will only send a message based on that if the client does not book ahead. Therefore, you are sending less text messages and not bombarding the client.
  • ​Has this been proven to work? YES, Trialed and tested sending over 100,000 messages the results speak for themselves
  • ​We found many clients not back feel bad or embarrassed to rebook. Booked Out Fox removes that barrier by sending an icebreaker message. The fact is your clients or guests already like you and your salon, the icebreaker message sent at the right time is personalised and gets them back!
  • ​Sends less messages than your set and forget so clients are not bombarded with heaps of text messages 
  • ​You pay less in text message costs because our monthly subscription includes the cost of sending text messages
  • ​Messages and set up is already done for you - Save heaps of time in set-up.
  • ​An easy to use Dashboard to Manage and respond to client messages directly 
  • You will Win back lost clients
  • ​Massively ​​Improve new client retention
  • ​View Analytics directly from the Booked Out Fox dashboard
  • ​​Get monthly reports and see the results for your self 
Frequently Asked Questions
How is Booked Out Fox different to set -and-forget marketing I already have on my booking software?
*First - You pay more in text messages using set and forget on your booking software. Booked Out Fox Monthly subscription  includes the text messages cost. 
*Second - Booked Out Fox is much easier to set up, already done for you. Save hours writing scripts, and wondering when to set rules to send which you are very limited anyway. 
*Third -  Booked Out Fox sends text messages that are personalised ("It's like they come from you" ) we call them 'icebreakers' showing your clients that you care enough to check in on them, therefore building and sustaining a relationship with them. 
Booked Out Fox also learns and takes into account when each individual client is due to return and reminds them to book in at THEIR perfect time, if they did not respond to the 'icebreaker message' 
For example, 
if a client comes in twice a year, Booked Out Fox will know that and only send a text if that client is due and does not have a future appointment around that time not before or later. 
Send and forget marketing is not personalised and does not learn to each client booking pattern, it can only send out bulk messages 
(one size fit's all).
What messages does Booked Out Fox send?
Booked Out Fox sends 3 types of messages, after it has learnt your clients behaviour.
Booked Out Fox will send one of 2 'icebreaker messages' which are personalised and designed to start a conversation only (like your checking in on them - hence why we say it's personalised)
Then, If your client responds to the 'icebreaker message' you can see it in your dashboard and you can respond directly from the dashboard in which case, Booked Out Fox will know you responded and will back off and not send anymore messages so the client does not get bombarded with unnecessary messages.
Then, if the client does not book or respond to the 'icebreaker message' Booked out fox will send a 'follow up' message to book and have your online booking URL so they can book directly from the text message.
How is Booked Out Fox added to my booking software?
Setup up is an easy 2 step process we guide you through after you sign up for your free trial. When connected Booked Out Fox get's to work immediately. It connects to all Booking Softwares.
Are text message fees included in my monthly fee?
Yes! Included in your monthly subscription text message cost to send each message are included which saves you money.
How does the Booked Out Fox Subscription work?
We will charge your card the third week after you sign up for the first 14 days FREE trial. Then every month after that. You Can Cancel anytime by simply emailing We don't make it hard for you to cancel. 
How does the Booked Out Fox Cancellation policy work?
 You Can Cancel anytime by simply emailing We don't make it hard for you to cancel. 
Is there a fee to join?
Nope. No set up fees. You only pay for the monthly subscription if you continue.
Do i need to sign a long term contract?
No contracts. Cancel anytime. All we require is one month notice.
Won't clients hate being sent messages?
No. We found the majority of clients actually loved receiving these messages. *PLUS, Booked Out Fox send LESS messages than Set and Forget. And clients who don't want to receive messages can simply at a click of a button 'opt out' immediately.
Get Clients Smarter and Faster, All On One App.

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